Choose NV Custom Flooring Systems as the most durable
and cost effective alternative to tiles, timber,carpet & vinyl
  Why Choose Floors of NV?

The Floors of NV solutions will solve issues where existing floors have been affected and deteriated by heavy traffic, spillage of chemical and solvents and where hygiene is important.
> Plain concrete is porous. It tends to stain, deteriorate, produces dust and cracks and chips as well as harbouring bacteria.
> Tiles and pavers can also chip, and inherit unsightly grout stains.
> Vinyl tiles often require regular maintenance including polishing and waxing in order to prolong it’s lustres appeal.

The above alternative flooring systems, including floor preparation in order to install, including ongoing maintenance is often significantly more costly and than NV Flooring Systems. The NV Flooring systems undoubtedly offers more advantages and benefits, without the hassle, inconvenience and expense of regular maintenance.

SAVE WATER- be Waterwise
At floors of NV we encourage our clients to conserve our precious water. To continue to maintain and clean untreated concrete surfaces often requires a significant amount of water, including water blasting and harsh chemicals that continue to contaminate our storm water ways.

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