Choose NV Custom Flooring Systems as the most durable
and cost effective alternative to tiles, timber,carpet & vinyl

Get the classy stone look without the expense! Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas.

NV Stonegrip is a combination of several coloured flake “micro chips” & clear sparkling synthetic quartz granules. The composition of the quartz granules and fine flake propose a seamless floor with in- built slip reducing properties.

> Ideal for outdoor seamless applications including pathways,
walkways, driveways, patios and pool areas and stairs.
> Indoor applications include shower trays, amenities, laundries
and cold rooms.
> Chewing Gum can easily be removed by hosing and peeling the
gum from the surface.

CLICK HERE to view the some of the NV Stonegrip patterns available.
CLICK HERE to view the some of the Individual NV Stonegrip Flake colours.

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