Choose NV Custom Flooring Systems as the most durable
and cost effective alternative to tiles, timber,carpet & vinyl

NV Flake Flooring systems have limitless designs and impact in custom high gloss flooring design.

> Choose any number of 45 different flake colours.
> Incorporate as little or many flake colours of your choice at no
additional cost.
> Be daring, go funky, be conservative- it’s your choice.
> Can also be coved up walls.

As we have a colour consultancy background, we are more than happy to assist with colour schemes which will best suit your décor, company colours or simply achieve the impact you desire.

Add company logos, or glitter and sparkle to your floor, guaranteed- you’ll be the NV of your clients, associates and friends.

CLICK HERE to view the some of the NV Flake patterns available.
CLICK HERE to view the some of the Individual Flake colours.

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